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Learn More About the Co-Founder of YOR Health

The YORHEALTH cofounder was born to a toxic family in metropolitan Hong Kong. Life was tough but Dennis Wong repeatedly realized encouragement and affection from his mom, who eventually picked up the household to California with the assistance of her brother-in-law. Wong and his family soon adapted to U.S. civilization, though he had problem with finances in the early life. In one of his most painful childhood memories, Dennis recalls leaving elementary school crying because his dad might not afford his preferred snack.

As stated by Dennis Wong, shame was a controlling his day-to-day. For many years, Dennis wanted to go back to Hong Kong and reside other people who were just as peniless as him -- or perhaps those worse off. However, Dennis remembers his mom teaching him that everything would get much better if he would learn how to mimic in the steps of American entrepreneurs. He did simply that and succeeding briefly getting captivated with the poor crowds, Dennis Wong restored his priorities and applied for college.

Wong receieved a degree in electrical engineering however decided to go into the real estate sector. Finding much prosperity with his younger sister and organisation partner, Dennis Wong made a name for himself in the Southern California real estate scene. The duo captured the eye of a handful of rich business owner and quickly this poverty-stricken kid from Hong Kong was a successful business owner. At 30 years old, Wong had diminished the cycle of poverty and discovered success in the U.S..

Then, at the age of 41, Dennis Wong was diagnosed with diabetes. This, in addition to heart illness and blocked arteries, was enough to redirect his attention back to what mattered most -- his strength and his family. This healthcare mess is what prompted him to start looking into health and dietary items. Now, he acts as CEO of YOR Health and works with item developers, scientific advisers, and athletic therapists to market an exclusive line of exceptional nutrition.




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